Alison Mollel - Committee Member

Alison has a Bachelor of Arts degree in TESOL and German from the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Once qualified as a teacher, she left the UK and joined the International School of Düsseldorf as an ELL and German teacher. Following this, she worked in international schools in Thailand, China, Tanzania, and is now in her third year of teaching at Luanda International School in Angola. Alison's husband is a trilingual Tanzanian and they have two multilingual, multicultural children. Alison has taught ELL to all age levels but most of her teaching has been at the primary level, which is where she currently is, supporting 3-7 year old ELL students and their teachers. In addition to her ELL role, Alison is the Whole School Language Coordinator, empowering students, teachers and parents to use their full linguistic repertoires to socialise in, learn from and explore our diverse world.

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