Mindy McCracken - Committee Member

Mindy comes from the diverse, international Bay Area of California, known in particular for its innovative Silicon Valley companies. She entered the informal educational field long before stepping into the field in formal capacity. With a BA in Environmental Studies, she started her career in environmental education work, where running summer camps became a second calling. These meaningful experiences, helping students to build confidence in new surroundings, led to her eventual application into the teaching field. Mindy’s multiple subject teaching credential contains a second language focus called CLAD (Cross-Cultural, Language and Academic Development). This specific expertise has been essential for her successful classroom teaching in both American and International School Settings, where the core student population was primarily EAL learners. Mindy was among a group of educators and administrators who originally founded the International School of the Hague in 2003, a school committed in its early stages to implementing the research around second language learning. Mindy moved into the EAL department of the school in 2008 and has actively worked to develop her levels of expertise in second language teaching and learning to higher levels. Mindy holds both ESL and TESMC trainer certifications and is currently working towards her Masters Degree in Linguistics at Leiden University. Using the research from past ECIS MLIE conferences, Mindy has collaborated with EAL and Home Language teams to raise the profile and practical application of home language and second language learning within both her Primary and Secondary schools. She is currently the Home Language and Identity Language Leader of the International School of the Hague, overseeing the development of innovative, home language programming within the curriculum and after school. Mindy is also an Upper School EAL teacher who specialises in academic writing support and L2 grammar instruction.

International School of The Hague

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